PO Eco Gust 08-H3 Smart WiFi Ceiling Fan w/o Light

PO Eco Fan

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Hugger Color : Black
Motor Color : White
Blade Color : White


PO Eco Gust 08-H3 Smart WiFi Ceiling Fan without Light

GUST VSPEC-II - Ultimate Performance Ceiling Fan

Designed with one thing in mind: Performance. The blade (air foil mechanism) uses the same aerodynamic principle that generates thrust to take flight.

Performance V8 Motor

The heartbeart of every FAN is generated by our self-developed Industrial-grade V8 Motor. Only using the best parts, V8 is fitted with Japanese ceramic ball bearings from NSK. This highly lubricanted bearing improve performance during high-speed rotation, quietness and durability.

Screwless Design

Patented design that hides exposed screws and bodyworks

Silicon Bodyworks

High tensile strength and sound damping capabilty

Anodized Aluminium

First ceiling fan to utilize aluminium and electroplating paint works

A.B.S Blade

Unbreakable material and able to withstand 100x the intended weight

Elevated Pitch Angle

Increased angle to generate air foil



Hugger Color: White / Black

Motor Color: White/Aluminum/Bronze/Black/Timber/Ash

Blade Color: White/Black/Grey/Timber/Ash/Cherrywood/Pinewood

Blade Size : 36" | 46" | 52"



Unit price DOES NOT include installation fees.

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Warranty Details:

10 Years Motor

5 Years Osram LED Light Kit (if applicable)

2 Years Accessories & Driver

1 Years On-Site & Installation (Installation will be provided by Point One Technology authorized technician. For installation by external contractor, 1 Years On-Site and Installation Warranty would not be provided)


Wind / Noise Level

  • Wind Prowess: 3/10
  • Quietness: 10/10


  • Safety - The fan blade will automatically stop when it hits something while in operation
  • Energy Saving - Using 80% Less Electricity
  • Strong & Powerful - Brings down temperature rapidly
  • Reverse air flow - Circulates the surrounding air by reversing the direction
  • Anti-static coating - To lower amount of dust buildup
  • Programmable Memory - Memorizes the last setting
  • Dimmable LED Light - Tri-colors and brightness adjustment
  • Silent Operation - No noise generated
  • Smart Revolution - Compatiable with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Smart Control - Wind Control, Lighting Control & Mode Control in APP mode

Smart Series – Can be integrated with smart speakers’ (Google Home / Amazon Alexa / Tmall) voice commends to control the fan speeds, light intensities and colors.

Can be operated by downloading a smart APP to control the fan speeds, light intensities and colors from anywhere and at any time.

Osram fan LED lightkit – 20w three-tone dimmable light to better fit your requirement.