Philips WIZ Adria Dimmable Ceiling Light 17W 65K (2 Years Local Warranty)


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Dim the room (without a dimmer switch!) with the WiZ Adria LED dimmable white smart ceiling light. Use with the WiZ app or your voice to turn on and off or dim and brighten the room on Wi-Fi setups.

Smart lighting functionalities easy to set up

Enjoy the benefits of smart features instantly, just by connecting your WiZ light to your Wi-Fi network. Control lights easily when you're away from home and scheduling lights to go on and off automatically. No need to install additional hardware such as hub or gateway!


Monitor your energy consumption

Get an overview of the energy consumption of your lights with the WiZ app. Easily access a weekly or daily report to help you stay on top of your energy consumption at home.


Create your perfect light scene

Make your own mix of different color and white lights modes to create the perfect light ambience for your daily moment. Simply save your new Scene and select it anytime with the WiZ app or voice.

Illuminate with bright and cool white light

Brighten up your home with energizing cool white light. A smart light that easily adapts to your daily activities.

Dim your smart lights even without a dimmer

Simply adjust lights to your desired brightness level using your smartphone, the WiZ control accessory or just your voice. No need to install an expensive dimmer!

Control smart lighting the way you like it

WiZ enables you to control smart lighting in multiple ways. Adjust lights with your smartphone, voice, the WiZ remote control, or by using the existing wall switch to toggle between two favorite modes. Works with Google Home, Alexa and Siri Shortcuts.

Control your smart lights from anywhere

No need to worry if lights were left on while no one’s home. Simply turn them off from wherever you are, with your smartphone.

Create even light distribution for the entire room

Enjoy a pleasant light balance in a room with this ceiling light. Its design is especially made to distribute light uniformly and provide soft, bright light throughout the room.



Intended use: Indoor Lamp shape: Round



Color: White Material: Metal, Plastic



Average life (at 2.7 hrs/day): 15 year(s) Lumen maintenance factor: 70% Number of switch cycles: 15,000



Adjustable spot head: No Dimmable with remote control: Yes LED integrated: Yes Remote control included: No



Color consistency: 6SDCM Color rendering index (CRI): 80 Warm-up time to 60% light: <2



Lamp current: 143 mAEfficacy: 88 lm/WPower factor: 0.5Voltage: 220-240 VNet weight: 0.45 kgHeight: 6.8 cmLength: 32 cmWidth: 32 cm