Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip for PC (For 24”–27” / 32”–34”)

Philips Hue

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Size : 32"-34"


Play Gradient Lightstrip for PC (24”–27” / 32”–34”)

Get a gradient of reactive, colorful light for your gaming setup! Attach the Play gradient lightstrip to the back of your 24”–27” / 32”–34” monitor with the included mounts. Start syncing with the Hue Sync desktop app to see the action on your screen reflected in the light.


Product highlights

  • Made for 24" to 27" / 32”–34” monitors
  • Includes power supply and mounts
  • Blends white and colored light
  • Requires Hue Bridge


Ultimate light experience

Ultimate light experience

Get a seamless gradient of rich, high-quality light. Each color along the lightstrip flows naturally into one another, creating a unique effect.

Made for monitors

Made for monitors

The Play gradient lightstrip mounts to the back of your single- or triple-monitor setup, bending easily around its corners.

Supercharge your surround lighting

Supercharge your surround lighting

When used with other color-capable Philips Hue lights, you unleash the full power of surround lighting.

Easy to install

Easy to install

The Play gradient lightstrip comes in three sizes for single- and triple-monitor setups, and includes mounting clips, making it easy to attach to the back of your monitor.

Blend multiple colors of light

Blend multiple colors of light

Colors flow naturally into one another, blending together and shining against the wall for a unique effect behind your monitor.

Personalize the experience

Personalize the experience

Switch modes, change the intensity, and create shortcuts in the app for a personal experience every time you game.


Design and finishing

Color: Black

Color(s): White

Material: Silicone



Operational humidity: 5% <H<95% (non condensing)

Operational temperature: -20°C to 45°C


Extra feature/accessory incl.

Color changing (LED): Yes

Dimmable: Yes

LED integrated: Yes

Universal Plug: Yes



2 years: Yes


Light characteristics

Color rendering index (CRI): >80



Color temperature: 2000-6500 K

Cut ability: No

Extendibility: No

Input Voltage: 220V-240V

Lifetime: 25,000 hour(s)

Max. standby power: 0.5 W


Type: Light Strips

Power consumption

Wattage: 15 W (PC lightstrip for 24" to 27"), 19 W (PC lightstrip for 32" to 34")

Standby power consumption: 0.50 W

Product dimensions and weight

(PC lightstrip for 24" to 27")

Net weight: 0.203 kg

Net weight: 0.447 lb

Height: 1.6 cm

Length: 90.5 cm

Width: 1.7 cm


(PC lightstrip for 32" to 34")

Net weight: 0.261 kg

Net weight: 0.575 lb

Height: 1.6 cm

Length: 116.5 cm

Width: 1.7 cm



Warranty: 2 year(s)


Technical specifications

Lumen output at 4000K :800 lm (PC lightstrip for 24" to 27"), 1000 lm (PC lightstrip for 32" to 34")

Lifetime: 25000 hour(s)

Mains power: Range 220 V - 240 V

IP code: IP20

Class of protection: Class II

Extra features: not compatible with protected video content (DRM)

Replaceability of light source: Non-Replaceable LED light source

Replaceability of control gears: Non-Replaceable control gear

Lumen output at 2700K: 700 lm (PC lightstrip for 24" to 27"), 900 lm (PC lightstrip for 32" to 34")

What's in the box

Power adapter: 1


What's supported

Compatible with Effects: Yes

Philips Hue App: IOS 15 and above, Android 10.0 and above

Philips Hue Bluetooth App: IOS 15 and above, Android 9.0 and above


User Manual (PC lightstrip for 24" to 27"),

User Manual (PC lightstrip for 32" to 34")


Disposal of the product

At the end of (economic) life dispose the product according to local rules and do not dispose the product with regular household waste. The correct disposal of your product will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health



No dismantle information available