Orlant Smart UV Towel Care System MJ01


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Smart disinfection and towel dryer

Save a lot of space, our clothes do not need to be dried on the balcony, and the clothes are still dry on rainy days

Downward air supply, fast drying without damaging clothes. The fan blades provide air in a wide area, so that the hot air is circulated and water evaporate quickly

UV disinfection - Bacteria sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%



Model: MJ01 

Drying: Constant power healing wire

Rated power: 550W

Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz

SNR: <45dB(A)

Anion (optional): 4500V±500V 1000 million concentration

Ultrasonic (optional): Emission frequency: 35-40KHz

Waterproof rating: IPX2


Product Installation

1. Remove the hanging board

- Remove the middle screw of the hanging board with screwdriver

- Push the hanging board downwards, then push the hanging board to the right, and remove hanging board


2. Assemble the main unit- Take out the whole machine, hanger and the hanger bracket

- Clamp the hanger on the hanger bracket

- Lock the hanger bracket on the machine with cross-headed screw


3. Product installation method

- Fix with expansion screw-

Fix with nail-free glue (need to be solidified for 48 hours)

Function Description- On/Off- Timing

- Drying- Air supply

- Sanitizing

- Intelligent

Size: Top length: 600mm

Top height: 100mm

Bottom length: 505.3mm

Bottom height: 73.8mm / 120.8mm

Top width: 128mm


Packing List

- Main unit x1

- Hanger support x2

- Hanger x2- User Manual x1

- Positioning mounting cardboard x1

- Auxiliary sticker x2

- Hanging board x1

- Screw x4

- Nail-free glue x1

- Self-tapping screw x2

- Expansion rubber tube x2

 1 Year Local Warranty