ASR Dining Area, Living Room & Passageway Design

Dining Area Design

Owner had bought a dining table with marble design and a gold pendant light, so we also match the dining room with a combination of fabric and marble design and intertwined with gold trim.

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Passageway Design

The passageway that is connected to bedrooms are also design with similar wall panelling design and we are using Point One Technology spotlights that are newly launched. The spotlights are adjusted to shined on art work or family photos hung on the wall.

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Projector & 100" Hard Fixed Projector Screen & Console Design

With limited space in the living room and wall, the house owner requested a 100” large glass crystal projector ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen, an Ultra-Short Throw Formovie THEATER projector and a specially design console from us. The projector, screen and console perfectly fit on the wall and available space without losing any walk way. Owner requested to have the unique console to hide the sockets inside the drawers and a PlayStation®5 inside the console.

← 100" Glass Crystal Screen, Formovie THEATER & console

← Sockets hid inside drawers