ASR Living/Dining Room Space Planning

Space Planning

Space planning is crucial in the early stage of design. The objective is to optimize the usage of space with required furniture like sofa, dining table, TV wall and TV console; also to ensure the walking space is free flow and spacious.

← Living/dining room plan

False Ceiling & Lighting Design

We also pre-planned false ceiling and lighting during the design stage at Avenue South Residence. Owner had requested the living room he desired, then we recommended to use 3 head grille light, 6 head grille light and island false ceiling cove light. These combination of lighting would give the living room a cozy lived-in air.

← Island False Ceiling Plan

←↑ Island False Ceiling Cove Light

3 grille light ↑      6 grille light →

↑ False Ceiling Plan

↑ Wall Panelling Design

Wall Panelling Design

Eco-friendly and cost-effective bamboo charcoal full-height veneers are used to construct the wall panelling. A combination of fabric and marble design and intertwined with gold trim transform the living room into a luxurious and yet homey space.

A smart spotlight is added to highlight on the wall where a family photo or an art piece will be on display.