Samsung 2.0ch HW-C400 Soundbar


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Built-in Woofer

One Remote Control

Surround Sound Expansion

Bluetooth TV® Connection

Compact but powerful sound with built-in woofer

* Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only.* TV sold separately.

Built-in Woofer

Feel the booming bass with a built-in woofer

Fit more sound into your home with this all-in-one device, featuring a built-in woofer that enhances bass performance.

Surround Sound Expansion (SSE)

Optimal sound expanded to a wider listening zone

Surround Sound expansion emanates audio up and around, creating a wider optimal listening area for room-filling surround sound.

Synergy with QLED

One Remote Control

One remote for total control

Use the Samsung TV remote to control both your TV and key soundbar functions like power, volume, and even sound effects

*Function and remote control design may vary by TV model and region. *Please check whether your TV Remote Control is Bluetooth® compatible.

Bluetooth® TV connection

Connect your Soundbar to TV wirelessly

Is the cable from Soundbar to TV disturbing your interior? Simply use Bluetooth to connect the Soundbar to your Samsung TV wirelessly.

*Please check whether your TV Remote Control is Bluetooth® compatible.


Night Mode

Pick up dialogue without disturbing others

Night Mode is ideal for late-night viewing. Reduce overall decibels during the night, especially compressing bass when others are sleeping

Voice Enhance

Catch every word and hear the dialogue clearly

Set up Voice Enhance to optimise the voice audio in content, so that dialogue is clear and easy to hear - even at lower volumes


Pair with NFC and bring your mobile music to life

Just place your smartphone on your Soundbar and use NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology to mirror your mobile device's audio.

*Compatible Android or iOS device required.